Lands End to Cape Wrath

      > Introduction
      > Getting Out There
      > 1. Lands End - Bude
      > 2. Bude - Severn Bridge
      > 3. Severn Bridge - Liverpool
      > 4. Liverpool - Arnside
      > 5. Arnside - Carlisle
      > 6. Carlisle - Ardrossan
      > 7. Ardrossan - Oban
      > 8. Oban - Mallaig
      > 9. Mallaig - Badrallach
      > 10. Badrallach-Kinlochbervie
      > 11. Kinlochbervie - Durness
      > Kit List
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Lands End to Cape Wrath


1. Introduction

2. Getting out there: Why and how and hopes and fears, preparation.

3. Lands End to Bude: Struggle, food, rhythm.

4. Bude to the Severn Bridge: Supplies parcel logistics, Cow Castle, Mendip Day.

5. The Severn Bridge to Liverpool: A month out, Hergest Ridge, choosing a night spot, getting super-duper organised, Eglwyseg Mountain.

6. Liverpool to Arnside: Headlessness, The walking window, route planning out of Liverpool, landscape, Formby Point and Bowland.

7. Arnside to Carlisle: Being there and getting there, on the menu tonight, Skiddaw, Caldew Valley.

8. Carlisle to Ardrossan: Tai Chi Walking, into Scotland, midge management, Lowther Hills, food, litter rant.

9. Ardrossan to Oban: Ups and downs, destinations, meeting Mark, synchronicity, Arran, Loch Fyn, Oban.

10. Oban to Mallaig: Moorland recipes, stove maintenance, chilly ginger and apricot noodle deluxe, walking backwards, Ardnamurchan, Moidart, in style to Mallaig.

11. Mallaig to Badrallach: Chaffing, more Tai Chi walking, rules for getting lost, loss, Loch Marree, Fisherfield Forest, a hundred days out, six days off.

12. Badrallach to Kinlochbervie: Canoes, stream crossing, food planning to the top, in my prime, micro navigation, Assynt, Ben Stack.

13. Kinlochbervie to Durness: Destination, message in a bottle, the last hillside, Sandwood Bay, Cape Wrath, Durness.

14. Kit

15. Daily Schedule

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